5 Ways to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day (with or without a partner)

Vibrators - Vibrators are one of the easiest way to make things more interesting in the bedroom. The common misconception is that vibrators are a girl's dirty little secret, but what I find is that I enjoy using mine more when I have a partner. It takes the load of me, for sure! It's a great foreplay tool to use in between sessions, and because you can control her orgasm by going faster or slower, deeper or more shallow, turn the vibrations up higher or lower. Also nowadays they have vibrators like the We-Vibe that are designed to be used during intercourse. I would suggest in investing a bit in a good luxury vibrator if you plan to purchase one as a couple because the cheap vibrators tend not to last as long.

Despite this holiday’s bad rap, however, I invite you to see it as an opportunity to subvert expectations and have fun. And since I’m a sexologist, the fun I’m talking about is of the sexy variety. Here are five ways for you to have a hot and spicy Valentine’s Day:

But believe it or not, due to all these difficulties and obstacles the level of intimacy in gay couples are extremely high, as they share with each other the experience for which both of them had courage to fight and protect. They understand that in order to have a successful relationship they have to unite. And this union must be based on frankness and openness. The following are tips which can help gay couples built a long-term healthy relationship.

Another popular misconception is that men are only in it for themselves. They just want to blow a load and use a woman to get off. I'd venture to say that the majority of men secretly want to be the best lover that the woman he's with has ever had. So what is stopping him? Partly education, impatience, general lack of sensual awareness, but a bigger factor is the woman herself. There are men who are naturally incredible lovers but ladies, you can prime yourselves to be made love to like a sex goddess. It is a woman's responsibility to know what she needs, what she wants, what she likes and to be able to communicate that clearly to the man that she expects to give it to her.

Most women would never think of carrying a vibrator to work. But a discreet vibrator could lead to a quick orgasm, which can do wonders for cutting down on that work day stress. So how about a discreet vibrator, which can look like many things for many women. This includes a lipstick tube shaped vibrator to one that loks like a rubber duckie. These items, which look just like normal will be at home in your purse. Only their power button on the bottom of the toys gives them away.